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Looking for opportunities in Singapore? Trying to find ways to earn more so that you can provide a better standard of living for your loved ones? If so, you have landed on the right page. Here, we will let you in on the opportunities we like, including work from home and make money online opportunities, which can potentially be your ticket to financial freedom.
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What we Are Not

First and foremost, we are not a job portal. If you are looking for Singapore job opportunities, you would be better off looking for a job site, recruitment agency or executive search firm; trust us, there are many reputable ones in Singapore, including the government's own career site. We are also not talking about traditional employment where you are forever beholden to your employer. Neither are we talking about top jobs in Singapore such as lawyers, doctors, top executive officer, or ways to climb the corporate ladder. Many of these openings require a level of education and experience that many among us do not possess.
Instead, we are talking about legitimate business opportunities here in Singapore that are potentially lucrative, allows you to work from home, does not require huge start up capital and with the right barriers of entry to protect the existing people from being flooded with too much competition.

Singapore a Land of Opportunties

Singapore is a land of opportunities. Many businesses are thriving and average household salaries are comparable to that of other rich nations the world over. Yet among us Singaporeans, there are some living in poverty and many who are asset rich but low on cash flow. People here can do with better paying jobs but unfortunately, they are not easy to come by and even if available, are not opened to the majority who either lack the experience or qualifications needed to hold high level jobs.
At OpportunitiesWeLike.com.sg, our goals are simple; to help the average Singapore job seeker have a successful change of career from being an ordinary worker to a financially free home business owner. Hence whether you are an executive officer, operations manager, marketing consultant or in accounting, administration or just about any corporate job or industry, you will find the information we provide on this website useful.
To find out more about the career opportunities we have to offer, why not view a video recording of our latest opportunities webinar or browse through the rest of this site.